Guided Tours

We’re delighted to invite you to join us for a guided tour of Bridgeton Bus Garage, home of the GVVT. See our collection of over 120 buses, fire engines and commercial vehicles, from fully restored vehicles to those under various stages of restoration.

On selected dates we’ll be opening Bridgeton Garage for pre-booked guided tours taking around one hour. From December 2022 we are introducing a Family Friendly tour which is more suitable for younger visitors with less in depth information from our tour guides and more hands features on the tour. Please note our regular tours are still suitable for all ages!

  • Sat 10 Dec 22
  • Wed 28 Dec 22
  • Thu 29 Dec 22
  • Sat 14 Jan 23
  • Sun 12 Feb 23
  • Sat 11 Mar 23
  • Sun 16 Apr 23
  • Sat 20 May 23
  • Sat 17 Jun 23
  • Sun 16 Jul 23

Tours usually commence at 1200 or 1400, please check when booking. Booking is only possible online through this link.

Entrance to the Garage is through the pedestrian access gate on Fordneuk Street, near London Road. There is no parking in the Garage, however, unlimited free on-street parked is available on Fordenuk Street and on surrounding streets.

Please arrive at the depot gate around 5/10 minutes before the tour start time. Our volunteer Guides will escort you around our home. Souvenirs are available at the end of the tour.

Visitors on a guided tour

Tickets must be pre-booked, you cannot turn up for these tours unless you have booked in advance. Prices are £5 Adult, £3 Child. Numbers are limited for each tour, we’ll always try and offer an extra tour when we sell out.

Please be aware our garage is an unheated building and we recommend appropriate warm clothing.

Although not part of the main tour, we try and allow access to our archive at the end of the tour if we have members of our archive team available. Please note our archive is on the first floor and only accessed by a staircase. We are investigating a facility to allow access to those who have restricted mobility, until this has been completed we are unfortunately unable to accommodate visitors to our archive if they are unable to manage the stairs.

Our Guided Tours do not include a vintage bus ride, these are available on our Open Sunday and Open Weekend events.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has please do not come to the garage, we will move your tickets to another date as long as you let us know before your tour is due to start.

Please click on this link to check availability and purchase your ticket.