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Background Information

Without Bridgeton Bus Garage, the future of the GVVT activities and its contribution to the local community would be difficult.  The garage has provided the ideal platform for the development of the Trust to what it is today.  But purchase of the building would release the potential to expand what we do, what we can offer the community and help us achieve our aim of becoming a ‘working museum.’  

The significance of Bridgeton Bus Garage

Bridgeton Bus Garage is the last remaining bus garage built by Glasgow Corporation Transport opening in 1965. It represents a typical example of industrial architecture from that period. Moreover, it was made for the repair and maintenance of heavy commercial vehicles. A function it continues to provide, albeit the heavy commercial vehicles are vintage ones.  
The Trust worked hard during 2018 on funding towards the garage purchase.  It secured commitment for a significant amount of the funding needed including from its own reserves.  It also has an ongoing campaign to raise capital from a range of funding bodies.  In March 2019, the Trust launched a public funding appeal with a target of raising £100,000.  The target was achieved later the same year.

The purchase goes ahead

On 19th July 2020 we were delighted to announce that we had completed the purchase of Bridgeton Bus Garage from City Property Glasgow (Investments) LLP, an arms-length organisation of Glasgow City Council.

Bridgeton Bus Garage now owned by GVVT
Thanks to Stuart Macrae for this image

This marks a major landmark for the Trust and provides a sound basis for our long-term future. Ownership of the garage gives us the best opportunity to fulfil our aims and objectives, to keep the vehicles together as a ‘collection’ and ensure the greatest security for vehicle owners. Ownership will also present more opportunities to attract grants or loans for continuing development of our activities, in particular the ‘Back on the Road’ social inclusion programme.

We are very grateful to the help and support of City Property and our principal funder RBS Social & Community Capital. We also very much appreciated the range of private individuals who have contributed to make this possible.

Fundraising continues

Any further money we can raise reduces the loan.  If you are able to donate to us then we would be extremely grateful. All donations, no matter how small are greatly appreciated!

Any money left over will provide the funds necessary for maintenance of the property.