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GVVT & the Kelvingrove Community Gallery

We have some very exciting news about a tie up between the GVVT and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow’s west end. 

Through the great work of Nicola McHendry of Cairn Heritage, who is helping develop our archive and resource centre, we have secured a six-month residency in the museum’s ‘Community Gallery’ starting in early June 2023.  This will give people a glimpse of the artefacts we hold in our archive at Bridgeton Bus Garage.  Objects that on display will focus on the bus in Glasgow but also celebrate the tram, trolleybus and subway as well as the role of women in delivering public transport.

This involves a big team effort to pull off.  Nicola is leading the charge with energy, organisation, ideas and guidance.  She has secured the services of two students on placement from Glasgow University (Cerys and Jayati) doing an MSc in Museums Studies who helping curate what we display.  Our archive and resource centre team have been involved in selecting objects and supporting photographs with interesting stories.  Ed Bonner is leading on creating some new audio visual content with Norrie Pollock which we will be able to show on the screen provided in the gallery space.  This will draw on the high-quality photography of Chris Paton who has visited the garage a number of times.  If that’s not all, we are going to connect the venues with a bus service on the days of our events at Bridgeton Bus Garage.  And at the end, we get to keep the display, mountings and other material from the gallery. 

GVVT Archive bus and tram stops (c) Chris Paton Photography

Steven Booth, GVVT Chairman, said: “This is fantastic exposure for the Trust to showcase what we do and give people a peek into what our archive holds. 

Kelvingrove is undoubtedly one of the premier visitor attractions in Glasgow, if not Scotland and the wider UK, so to have a presence there over the rest of this year will be smashing.  A huge thank you to Nicola McHendry of Cairn Heritage, Cerys Hanson-Jones,

Jayati Srivastavia and the Kelvingrove team for their knowledge and expertise to help prepare.  And a special thank you to the archivists and our GVVT membersfor rising to the challenge with the exhibition content and audio visuals.  I personally can’t wait to see all this come together.  This will be great!”

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