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Centre Circle Day

Back for 2021!

GVVT are looking to re-start the year’s programme of events this year with a re-run of the ‘Centre Circle’ day which we successfully operated last October, when 19 preserved vehicles created quite a spectacle running around the city centre.

The principle focus of this event is to showcase the collection to the public, thereby reminding them of our existence in advance of our series of open days throughout the remainder of 2021.  Of course, it gives owners the chance to stretch their vehicles’ legs and get back in the driving seat again after a long period away. 

The route will be identical to that followed in October.  However, High Street is currently closed while an unsafe building is demolished so it may be necessary to divert the route if this work is not complete in time.
Buses will operate in a clockwise direction with the first departures from Cowcaddens Road around 11am with a departures at very regular intervals through to around 4pm.  Once again, no passengers will be carried because of the current Covid situation.

Details of the route and some images from our last event can be found below.

If you are planning to view this event or would just like to make a donation please consider doing so on our fundraising page.

our route subject to High Street being open to traffic
An original City Circle Timetable
LA764 turning onto George Square
LA853 on Killermont St