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Have you seen our new book?

Bridgeton by Bridgeton

Discover who fits the cab at open days and events, meet the team who serve tea with a smile to visitors, join us in a salute to our founders and archivists, and learn how Back On The Road restores buses and lives.

On sale now – 36 pages, 8000 words, 105 faces not counting crowd scenes, and all of them about the men and women of Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust. Bridgeton by Bridgeton is an overdue celebration of our people, switching the spotlight from the vehicles to those who drive them, own them, preserve them and present them to the public.

Written by Ed Bonner, designed by Stuart Bell, funded by Phil Blair, Bridgeton by Bridgeton is available from our online shop, cover price £5 (£6 inc p&p).