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A Real Vintage Arrival

GVVT welcomes the oldest surviving Glasgow Corporation bus to Bridgeton Bus Garage

GVVT welcomed Sir Brian Souter to Bridgeton Bus Garage today (Wednesday 6th March). Sir Brian has loaned the Trust a bus from his collection.  It is no ordinary bus.  It is a 1928 Glasgow Corporation Transport Leyland Titan TD1, the oldest surviving Glasgow Corporation bus.  The bus will take centre stage as the Trust celebrates 100 years of Glasgow Corporation motorbuses during this year.  This will involve a special event in the city.  More news on this to be released soon.

Sir Brian personally drove the Titan to Bridgeton from its storage location.  He was pleased to report that the bus had performed very well on its 50 mile trip.  While at Bridgeton, Sir Brian caught up with progress on the installation of the bus simulator which he has provided the Trust which will be in operation in the near future.

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Sir Brian is seen here handing the bus into the care of Steven Booth, GVVT Chairman.