May 2016

19 May: Added stock page and one photo for new arrival MGE 183P.

West End Festival Free Vintage Bus Service information now available by clicking here.

March - April 2016

Events page updated.

Photo added to stock page for RSD 973R.

Stock page added for new arrival E158 XHS.

February 2016

17 February: Updated stock list with new registration number for A127 ESG.

23 February: Added video of the 2015 Open Weekend. Added photos for Tram 1016, JUS 774N, XGA  15J, CUV 121C, MSD 408, G545 RDS, L201 UNS, MSD 407, LHS 747V, GYS 896D and SGD  65. Updated history for A127 ESG and VMP  10G.

December 2015

Removed stock page for former Blackpool Leyland PD3 HFR 501E which is now resident in Blackpool - see

Added photos to stock pages for MSD 407EDS 288A, BJX 848C, HGA 983D, GYS 896D, GRS 334E, NDL 375G, VMP 10G, NRG 26H, XGA 15J, XGM 450L, BSG 537L, NMS 576M, VSB 164M, SCS 335M, JGA 189N, KFF 586P, SMS 120P, PSJ 825R, RSD 973R, SSN 248S, GGE 173T, BCS 867TGCS 50VHSD 73V, fire engines NHS 196, SGE 702G, F182 FHS. and 'commercials' BUS 181, BUS 567, SX 6864, WSD 756K, MGE 810Y.

20 Dec - Added photos to stock pages for LSU 381VEMS 362VFSL 615WLMS 168WKSD 103WWFS 145WCAS 519WRMS 400W.  Updated histories of SMS 120P and PSJ 825R.

21 Dec - Added photos to stock pages for SSA 5X, SHH 389X, KYV 781X, FGE 423X Updated history of CAS 519W.

29 Dec - Added photos to stock page for R655 DUS.

30 Dec - Added photos to stock pages for RSC 194Y, LUS 436Y, MNS 10Y, A735 PSU, A25 VDS, MUI 808.

31 Dec - Added photos to stock pages for B100 PKS, B105 PKS, C177 VSF, D741 WRC, D902 CSH, 415 VYA, G567 PRM, H157 HAC, N 94 OGG, P578 DMS, R638 DUS, LX 51 FOF.

November 2015

2016 Events added.

Added photos for WG 4445, HGG 359, MSD 407, MSD 408, SGD 241, NMS 358, YYS 174, WSK 509, SGD 500, 198 CUS, RMS 714, RAG 411, SGD 448, EDS 288A, VMP 8G.

Added stock page for Volvo Olympian R655 DUS which arrived 26 November 2015.