R526 VSE - Volvo B10M-55


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    R526 VSE
Chassis Type:    Volvo B10M-55
Chassis Number:    YV31MA519WC060657
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander B49F
Body Number:     9731/21
Date New:    February 1998
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Western Buses (526)

Vehicle Information:

R526 VSE was new to Stagecoach (Western Buses) in February 1998 at  Kilmarnock Depot and originally numbered 526 becoming 20526 in 2003. Despite the fact the vehicle was allocated to Kilmarnock when new, its original purpose was to go to the Isle of Arran, and it moved there in late Spring after only a few months at Kilmarnock. Since moving to the Island in 1998, 526 has spent all of its working career there, apart from the odd trip over to the mainland for maintenance.  


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