SGD 407 - Leyland Titan PD3/2


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    SGD 407
Chassis Type:   Leyland Titan PD3/2
Chassis Number:    600405
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander H41/31F
Body Number:     6248
Date New:    November 1960
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Glasgow Corporation (L405)

Vehicle Information:

L405 entered service with Glasgow Corporation in 1960. It was one of a number of "Big L"s operated by the Corporation, imaginatively named as they carried L prefix fleetnumbers indicating Leyland, and were 30ft long which was the maximum permitted length at the time. They were less popular with the crews than the smaller "Wee L"s.

L405 entered service at Parkhead garage, then moved to Bridgeton by early 1966. It later served at Ibrox, Bridgeton again, and finally at Partick.  On disposal it served with several operators in South Wales.

L407 entered preservation in England with Ross Stewart in 1985, and recently passed from him to Phil Blair, in Southampton. L407 and D258 visited Glasgow for "Corpyfest" and the GVVT Open Day 2014, and following on from that event, L407 will remain at Bridgeton for the time being.


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