RAG 411 - Bristol Lodekka LD6G


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    RAG 411
Chassis Type:   Bristol Lodekka LD6G
Chassis Number:    177068
Body Type And Seating:    Eastern Coach Works H33/27RD
Body Number:     12167
Date New:    August 1961
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Western SMT (B1645)

Vehicle Information:


In the late 1950s and early 1960s Western SMT dual sourced their double decker vehicles from both Bristol and Leyland taking the Bristol LD and FLF and the Leyland PD3 in considerable numbers.

RAG 411 was part of the last batch of rear entrance Bristol LDs to be delivered to Western. Thereafter Western took the front entrance FLF model.

Withdrawn in the late 1970's, RAG 411 was sold to Ensign as dealer stock, before being used as a non-psv from 1978 until the mid 1990s. RAG 411 then entered preservation, passing through the hands of several preservationists before arriving at Bridgeton in 2010.


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