PUS 920F - Magirus Deutz


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    PUS 920F
Chassis Type:    Magirus Deutz
Chassis Number:     
Body Type And Seating:    Bennett
Body Number:      
Date New:    July 1968
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Glasgow Fire Service

Vehicle Information:

Scottish Fire Heritage Group (SFHG) member Bob Wright has provided some background to this rare vehicle.

In the 1960s, Glasgow Fire Service decided to break with tradition and order 6 fire engine chassis from the German fire appliance manufacturer Magirus Deutz. All the chassis arrived in the UK at Hull and were then driven to Glasgow and brought to the North West Fire Station. Of the six chassis ordered, four would to be bodied as Water Tender Escapes and the other two would be completed as 100 ft (30 m) Turntable Ladders (TLs). Packing cases were also delivered to the North West Fire Station containing the Magirus Ladders and the Turntable Units. Over the next few weeks an 'Iron Fairy' crane was used to assemble these units on to the chassis. The incomplete Turntable Ladders were then sent to the Glasgow Coachbuilding firm of J.C. Bennett to have the bodywork fitted.  The remaining four chassis were sent to SMT in Glasgow for completion. A further Magirus Deutz TL was ordered in 1970.

On completion, the two original TLs were given the registration numbers NYS 26F and PUS 920F.  NYS 26F was stationed at the Central Fire Station, Ingram Street and PUS 920F was stationed at the North West Fire Station, then Knightswood Fire Station and was disposed of in the late 1980s when it was replaced by a Dennis Pierreville TL.

Throughout their service in Glasgow, both appliances served the city well by providing a high reach and rescue facility. I have a personal affiliation with PUS 920F as I drove the appliance on many occasions and later in my capacity as officer in charge of the vehicle, attended numerous incidents throughout the city and beyond. One of the most memorable incidents that I was involved in, was using the TL to rescue two young lads who had become trapped on Dumbarton Rock, and I'm pleased to say this resulted both lads being taken off the Rock successfully and without injury.

After being disposed of, the TL was purchased by its present owner who restored it back into working condition and the vehicle has been dry stored ever since. It is the only Magirus Deutz fire appliance to survive and was totally unique to Glasgow. 


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