Y182 BGB - Volvo B10BLE


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    Y182 BGB
Chassis Type:    Volvo B10BLE
Chassis Number:    YV3R4A5121A007838
Body Type And Seating:    Wright Renown B44F
Body Number:     E54
Date New:    June 2001
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Hutchison, Overtown

Vehicle Information:

Y182BGB is a Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown purchased new by Hutchison of Overtown in 2001.

It was one of four B10BLEs purchased at the start of the millennium, two being Alexander ALX300 bodied and two Wright bodied. The two ALX300s have been scrapped. 

This was a significant vehicle in the Hutchison fleet. Purchased as previously mentioned as one of a pair it was the company's first Wright bodied bus as well as being one of their first heavy duty low floor vehicles. Up until this point, Hutchison had purchased and relied on Optare for low floor vehicles.

It was also one of the first to receive the new Hutchison livery, doing away with the instant recognizable “flying H” which was standard from the early 1970’s.

In July 2007 Hutchison sold out their bus operation to First Glasgow and Y182 BGB became 66282 in the First Glasgow fleet.



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