CSF 160W - Leyland Leopard PSU3G/4R


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    CSF 160W
Chassis Type:    Leyland Leopard PSU3G/4R
Chassis Number:    8130291
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AYS B53F
Body Number:     146AYS/1780/6
Date New:    June 1981
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Alexander (Fife)  (FPE160)

Vehicle Information:


One of a batch of 15 similar buses delivered to Alexander (Fife) in 1981 CSF 160W is a typical Scottish Bus Group workhorse suitable for town or interurban work throughout Fife.  It was allocated initially to Cowdenbeath depot, moving to Dunfermline in 1988. The Fife fleet was renumbered in January 1988 losing the Alexander era letter prefixes, and CSF 160W became 160.

The company which had been renamed Fife Scottish Omnibuses in 1985 was purchased by the Stagecoach group in July 1991 and gradually the fleet was repainted in Stagecoach stripes.  CSF 160W was sold to Blue Bus of Horwich in 1998 and operated in the Greater Manchester area for a further seven years before being retired for preservation.  It has been restored in the original Stagecoach livery.



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