GGG 300N - Ailsa B55-10


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    GGG 300N
Chassis Type:    Ailsa B55-10
Chassis Number:    74-004
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AV H44/35F
Body Number:     AV4/274/1
Date New:    March 1975
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    GGPTE (AV1)

Vehicle Information:


Following many years of buying almost exclusively Leyland Atlanteans, GGPTE purchased a few trial batches of other types of bus in the 1970s. AV1 was the first of a batch of three Ailsa B55s, and was the prototype of that model.

In many respects it is similar to Mk.I Ailsas operated by other companies around this time, however these three for Glasgow featured panoramic windows, unlike the rest.

AV1 was exhibited at the Commercial Motor Show in 1974 before entering service. The first three photos below show it in Crown Street, Gorbals, at Carmunnock terminus and in Larkfield Garage in 1975.

The hinged cab door was replaced in 1981 by a sliding design (see fourth photo below taken in 1984), This design was fitted to later Glasgow Ailsas as standard from 1982 onwards.


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