H157 HAC - Dennis Javelin


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    H157 HAC
Chassis Type:    Dennis Javelin 8.5SDA1926
Chassis Number:    8.5SDA1926/592
Body Type And Seating:    Plaxton Paramount III C37F
Body Number:     908HFA1991
Date New:    May 1991
Original Operator (Fleet Number):     

Vehicle Information:


New to Bonas (Supreme), Coventry.  Passed to Billies, Mexborough, South Yorkshire in 1994; then to Gordon, Rotherham (SY) 1997;  to Rowe & Tudhope, Kilmarnock/Muirkirk 2000 and re-registered there to VJI 9412; to Isbister, Walls, Shetland in 2003 when it reverted to H157 HAC; then to Watt (A&K Transport), Walls in 2007.  It joined the GVVT collection in May 2015.


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