SSN 248S - Ailsa B55-10


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    SSN 248S
Chassis Type:   Ailsa B55-10
Chassis Number:    77013
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander AV H45/31D
Body Number:     AV17/2876/13
Date New:    November 1977
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Tayside Regional Council (248)

Vehicle Information:


Operating from the East Dock Street depot from new, 248 operated Dundee City Services until it was loaned to Strathclyde Buses as C911 in 1992 following the disastrous Larkfield Depot fire which destroyed 60 of Strathclyde Buses' fleet.

After returning from Glasgow 248 was sold to Stevenson part of A1 Service in Ayrshire with whom it operated until A1 was taken over by Stagecoach. Stagecoach renumbered it 960 and continued to use it until 1995 when, along with other ex A1 Ailsas, Clyde Coast purchased it. At some point during its time with A1, the middle exit door was removed, although this has since been refitted.

248 was purchased from Clyde Coast for preservation in 2000. It is intended to return it to Tayside livery with "Strathclyde Red" (orange) front and back, as it carried during its time as Strathclyde Buses C911.


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