NSF 757 - Leyland Titan PD2/20


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    NSF 757
Chassis Type:   Leyland Titan PD2/20
Chassis Number:    562184
Body Type And Seating:    Metro Cammell H34/29R
Body Number:      
Date New:    November 1956
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Edinburgh Corporation (757)

Vehicle Information:


757 was delivered in 1956 to replace the last of the Edinburgh tram fleet.

The Leyland PD2 was a standard purchase for Edinburgh Corporation, however the choice of the Metro Cammell body would be unusual for almost any Scottish operator except Edinburgh who had been purchasing vehicles from this bodybuilder since 1937. The 1956 deliveries however marked the end of the company's association with Edinburgh. From 1957 until 1983 Alexander in Falkirk would build all double deckers.

757 remained in service until the mid 1970's, latterly at the now closed Leith Walk depot. Edinburgh continued to purchase Leyland double deckers until the end of Leyland production in 1993.


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