MGE 810Y - Bedford TK


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    MGE 810Y
Chassis Type:   Bedford TK
Chassis Number:     
Body Type And Seating:    Bedford (Flatbed Lorry)
Body Number:     N/A
Date New:    March 1983
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Barr, Glasgow

Vehicle Information:


In 1830, Robert Barr of Falkirk started a cork cutting business servicing the local trade. This venture flourished for a while until the innovation of more modem bottle closures caused a decline in the need of cork. This prompted his son, also named Robert, to set himself up as an "aerated water manufacturer" in Falkirk in 1875, supplying to a local population of 40,000

In 1887, his son, Robert Fulton Barr, started a soft drinks business on his own account in Parkhead. Although the Glasgow base was an offshoot of the Falkirk establishment, it had a much larger population to supply. It was this business that was subsequently taken over by brother Andrew G. Barr, who gave his name to the present company.

In 1901, the famous Iron Brew (as it was then spelled) was launched. The two streams of the Barr family business continued separately until 1959 when A.G. Barr & Co. Ltd purchased the older company, forming one family business.

By 1963 Barr had seven branches in Scotland and had started implementing the move south of the border by buying Hollows of Bradford nine years earlier. This was followed in 1965 with the purchase of Frucose Ltd of Sunderland. Also in 1965 A.G. Barr & Co. Ltd became a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Two years later, with the acquisition of Stotherts Limited of Atherton A.G. Barr expanded into the canned drinks market. With the purchase of Tizer Limited in 1972 A.G. Barr substantially increased their share of the UK market.

The 1980s brought further growth for the business with the acquisition in 1983 of Globe Soft Drinks of Edinburgh, and in 1988 Mandora St Clements of Mansfield.

Today the company manufactures an extensive range of products including Irn-Bru, Tizer, D'N'B and Orangina and in 2012 was merged with Britvic to form one of the biggest soft drinks manufacturers in the world.

Delivery lorries such as this Bedford could once be seen everywhere loaded with coloured plastic crates of bottled drinks for numerous small shops around the country.


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