L201 UNS - Leyland Olympian ON2R50C13V3


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    L201 UNS
Chassis Type:   Leyland Olympian ON2R50C13V3
Chassis Number:    ON20846
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander RL H47/31F
Body Number:     RL67/4692/52
Date New:    7 October 1993
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Strathclyde's Buses (LO101)

Vehicle Information:


LO101 (L201 UNS) is a historically significant bus, believed to be the last Leyland bus to enter service in the UK; being first licensed in early October 1993.

Leyland Motors dates back to 1907 when the Lancashire Steam Motor Company took over Coulthards of Preston. The company developed, eventually merging with British Motor Holdings to become the British Leyland Motor Corporation, the major supplier of motor vehicles in Britain. The bus division was the subject of a management buyout in 1981, then bought by Volvo Bus in 1988. Volvo closed down the Workington plant in 1993 after completing a large number of existing orders for Leyland Olympians. The last Leyland buses were Olympians built for Singapore in 1993.

LO101 was new to Strathclyde's Buses as one of 52 lowheight Alexander bodied Leyland Olympians. They replaced 60 buses destroyed in the Larkfield Depot fire of 1992, and were the last Leyland buses for the UK. LO50-101 spent most of their life working from Larkfield Depot on services 66/66A/66B, which operated under two low railway bridges, necessitating the use of lowheight buses.

Strathclyde's Buses was bought by First in 1997. Under First's ownership, many LOs were gradually transferred to other subsidiaries. LO101 remained in Glasgow for the rest of its working life. First's national numbering scheme was implemented in 2003, LO101 becoming 31412, although Glasgow retained the old numbers for internal use.

Towards the end of the LOs' time in service, those remaining transferred back to Larkfield, ironically to provide more capacity on service 66. After a few months it became clear that the writing was on the wall for the LOs, and they were withdrawn from service in April 2009, later being removed to Campbell's scrapyard near Balloch.

LO101 was bought for preservation in August 2009, the intention being to restore it to original Strathclyde's Buses orange and black livery.


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