JMS 452E - Albion Viking VK43AL


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    JMS 452E
Chassis Type:   Albion Viking VK43AL
Chassis Number:    53415J
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander Y C40F
Body Number:     89/Y/1966/49
Date New:    May 1967
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Alexander (Midland) (MNV37)

Vehicle Information:


Midland took delivery of 75 Albion Vikings between 1965 and 1969. The Viking VK43AL  has  a  rear  in-line  mounted  Leyland  O.400  engine  driving  through  an Albion 5-speed constant mesh gearbox. The type was relatively popular with the Alexander companies; Fife, Midland and Northern taking 211 examples. Elsewhere the type struggled: Scottish Omnibuses and Central SMT taking small numbers and disposing of them quickly.

The vehicles did gain recognition for their reliability especially in rural operations where they often bettered much newer deliveries.

MNV37 spent its entire working life at Perth depot. After withdrawal in December 1980 the late Frank Clark purchased it for preservation. It passed to its current owners the Albion Vehicle Preservation Trust upon his death in 1990.

The bus has been uprated with a six speed gearbox and has been re-trimmed inside.


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