GM 6384 - Leyland Titan PD2/10


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    GM 6384
Chassis Type:   Leyland Titan PD2/10
Chassis Number:    541019
Body Type And Seating:    Leyland L27/28R
Body Number:      
Date New:    October 1954
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Central SMT (L484)

Vehicle Information:


Of 631 Leyland Titan half-cab double deck buses operated by Central SMT, L484 is the only remaining example. It is in fact a PD2/10 model with Leyland body, exposed radiator, vacuum brakes and synchromeshed gearbox. It is typical of the Central fleet from all depots and represents the history and heritage of bus travel throughout west central Scotland during the 1930s to the early 1960s.

First registered on 30th September 1954, it entered service on Monday 4th October 1954. From March 1967 it was transferred to Nerston at East Kilbride and was used on various routes before being sold on 29th May 1969 to George Wilson of Stonehouse, a builder. It was used as a crew bus for 11 years and finally ceased work on 10th December 1980. Over the next 25 years it had several owners. It was acquired by a member of the 484 Preservation Group in October 2005.

Restoration was only possible when they were awarded a £50,000 grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund. Fundraising is an ongoing exercise as the group prepares to meet the Lottery conditions. These include running days, rallies, school visits and the replication of routes operated by the Central SMT company.

The bus was stripped to the chassis and the only parts suitable for re-use were side pillars and roof sticks. The chassis was shotblasted and painted. The group was not satisfied with the engine and were fortunate to acquire an ex-army replacement.

As the seat fabric was no longer available, consideration was given to using a modern material with similar colours. However, a company was located which was prepared to recreate the exact design if a full production run of 12 rolls was purchased!

Of 13 original hopper windows only about 7 were saved. The group was put in contact with Martin Young of McGregor Young in Coatbridge, a company which currently manufactures hopper windows for present day body builders. Mr. Young was more than helpful and assured them he could reproduce the windows to the original design. Gratitude for his contribution is immeasurable.


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