FGE 423X - Dennis Dominator DD137B


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    FGE 423X
Chassis Type:   Dennis Dominator DD137B
Chassis Number:    DD137B/448
Body Type And Seating:    Alexander RL H45/34F
Body Number:     RL6/581/2
Date New:    November 1988
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Central SMT (D23) 

Vehicle Information:


FGE 423X was one of 51 Dennis Dominators delivered to Central SMT between 1978 and 1982, and one of only 1007 Dennis Dominators built worldwide.

The Dennis Dominators were Central’s largest class of double decker vehicle in the mid to late 1980’s, and operated alongside 30 Volvo Ailsa’s delivered in 1978/79 (AH1-30), and later 10 Leyland Olympians delivered in 1986 (LO1-10).

All but the first Central Dominator had the stylish lowheight Alexander ‘RL’ bodywork, allowing them to be used on routes such as those between East Kilbride and Clydebank, which passed under the low bridge at Busby railway station.

Mechanically, almost all of Central's Dominators were powered by a Gardner 6LXB engine, coupled to a Voith DIWA 851 gearbox and drop centre rear axle. The exception to this was a small batch of 5 vehicles which featured the Rolls Royce Eagle 220E engine and one vehicle which obtained a Maxwell gearbox instead of the Voith.

D23 was delivered to Central SMT in June 1982 to Airbles Depot, Motherwell. The original Certificate of Fitness indicates it passed initial testing on 14th May 1982.

It ran with Central until 1988 moving between Gavinburn, Airdrie and East Kilbride depots, was transferred to Kelvin Scottish as 1717 and subsequently Kelvin Central Buses in 1989. By now numbered 1723, the bus was withdrawn from service in 1994, where it passed to Moffat & Williamson, Gauldry via Ensign (Dealer). Operating until 2003, the bus was sold to Arthur's Coaches, Coatbridge in 2004.

D23 was withdrawn from service in the latter half of 2006 due to a mechanical failure. The vehicle was secured for preservation in February 2007 and was towed to Bridgeton on the 22nd of April.  Sister vehicle D22 was also acquired from Arthur’s Coaches and was broken for spares at Bridgeton.  The bus will be returned to October 1986 condition featuring Hop-On vinyls on the front.


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