EDS 288A - AEC Routemaster


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    EDS 288A (Originally WLT 910)
Chassis Type:   AEC Routemaster
Chassis Number:    RM910
Body Type And Seating:    Park Royal H36/28R
Body Number:     L5352
Date New:    January 1961
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    London Transport (RM910) 

Vehicle Information:


Kelvin Scottish Routemaster 1929 started life as London Transport RM910 registration WLT 910. It was allocated to the following Garages 8/61-ALDu, Wu, 11/61-FY, 3/66-WN, 3/73-T, 10/73-Tu, 1/74-T, 1/78-SP, 3/82-wf, 4/82-WN, 2/85-NX, 5/86-NXu.

Bought by Kelvin Scottish in September 1986 and re-registered as EDS 288A in March 1988 the bus was withdrawn in October 1992. Its first owner in preservation painted RM910 in an Edinburgh tram livery (3rd photo below) but it has now been refurbished and returned to Kelvin livery at Busworks in Blackpool (first two photos below).


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