D368 YSA - MAN Tractor unit


Vehicle Details:

Registration Number:    D368 YSA
Chassis Type:   MAN
Chassis Number:    WMA5520152M057371
Body Type And Seating:    Tractor unit
Body Number:      N/A
Date New:    June 1987
Original Operator (Fleet Number):    Charles Alexander (Aberdeen) 

Vehicle Information:


This vehicle operated from WH Malcolm's Linwood depot (Burnbrae Depot) for several years from 1988 to 1997 mainly on a glass contract. It is believed to be new to Charles Alexander of Aberdeen and had a sister vehicle, D369 YSA. D368 YSA had a particular problem with the hydraulic clutch hose bursting several times every year. This was eventually traced to incorrect clutch master seals being fitted at the factory, causing excessive pressure in the line resulting in a burst flexi hose every few months. A new master cylinder cured this fault after many breakdowns on the M8!!!.

Rear springs were also a problem on this type of tractor unit. This problem was the helper spring part of the main spring. If one leaf broke, the whole spring had to be changed, a real horrible job when the "U" bolts were seized. The throttle cable also seized every winter due to its position on the offside of the vehicle!

D368 YSA is currently used within Bridgeton as the depot shunter to help move immobilised vehicles around the garage.


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