Lobey Dosser in Showdown at Bridgeton Bus Garage



The Mighty Fine Theatre Company will be bringing Lobey Dosser and the gang (including Rank Bajin and Fairy Nuff) to life in two pantomime shows being held on 10th December in the hall of the Admin Block at the garage.  The shows will start at 2pm and 4pm respectively.  This will be a family show which will appeal to young and old and will be indispersed with the humour and observations of creator Bud Neill.  Many will remember the Lobey Dosser cartoons in the Evening Times and the Sunday Mail many years ago.  But did you know that Bud Neill was also at one time a Glasgow Corporation bus driver?  True!  Here is a quick snippet of what the show will be about:


The legendary cartoon characters created by Bud Neill are regenerated for a showdown at Bridgeton Bus Garage. On a bus to the east end, Sheriff Lobey Dosser questions Rank Bajin about his misdeeds in the Calton Settler wagon train mural. However, Fairy Nuff also wants a second chance at life, a fresh start, a truly fantastic Christmas present. The Ole Bud Neill gang have a right carry on on the buses, with an experiment which may or may not transform all humanity into perfect beings.